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Your Guide in Purchasing a Whiteboard

In universities, colleges, and learning centers, a whiteboard in sydney has become a very important teaching tool for lectures, trainings, meetings, and presentations. With the addition of computers sets in offices and classrooms, the chalk dust coming from an old green or black board became a problem in hard drives, monitors, and keyboards. And also, the chalk dust became troublesome to people who suffer from allergies. That is why whiteboards have become more popular than chalkboards. They also provide better convenience with regards to the ease of use and cleaning.

Now that you are better aware of the advantages of using a whiteboard, check out these useful suggestions in successfully purchasing a whiteboard in melbourne.

Not all whiteboards are made using the same materials, and they do not perform the same results. And when you purchase a whiteboard, also known as a dry-erase board, you will find many types and options to choose from. Whiteboards are basically made from two materials; porcelain and melamine. Each has its own advantages and you will easily know which kind of whiteboard will work better for you.

A melamine whiteboard is the most economical. This is a good choice especially for people plan light to moderate use only. Melamine-type of whiteboard is suitable for meeting rooms, cafeterias, and locker rooms. It is made of hard plastic with clear coating surface over white coloured, non-magnetic hardboard suited for writing. This makes the melamine whiteboard easy to write on and easy to brush away. But, you have to note that the clear coating on the surface will wear away over time, and will leave ghost effects and staining or residual marking effects after erasing and cleaning. So this kind of whiteboard should be cleaned right after use, to prolong the good condition on the surface.

A porcelain whiteboard on the other hand is made of steel, and a little bit more expensive than one made with melamine. But there is already a significant decrease in price since its introduction in the market. A porcelain steel board is more durable than a melamine whiteboard.  This kind of whiteboard is best for moderate to long-term usage. It is far more resistant to ghosting effects, staining, and also resistant to dents and scratches. It is made of hard-baked enamel constructed with a steel background, which allows the use of magnets for teaching or presentations. So, if you are looking for a whiteboard in brisbane which you can use more often and that will last a long time, a porcelain steel board is an excellent option.